Tennis isn't always thought of as a heavy contact sport, but people often put heavy strain on their joints, particularly the elbow, in a way that can be very damaging. And this damage may be hidden or hard to diagnose without the help of a sports physical.

Elbow Sprains Can End a Tennis Career

Tennis players go through a large number of potential injuries that could potentially impact their careers. For example, tennis elbow — a very persistent problem that occurs in tennis players due to strain or sprain — can be very challenging from which to recover. Some people may rebound from this injury fairly quickly by resting, but a player who tries to power through a tennis tournament may worsen the problem.

For example, a severe elbow sprain can become very unstable and cause enough tissue damage to the tendons and even the ligaments that may make the elbow more unstable and make it more challenging to compete. Some may even find that they lose their strength and flexibility in the elbow and cannot compete at a high level anymore. As a result, it may be necessary to go through sports physicals to manage this problem properly.

Sports Physical Therapy Can Help

Physicals are a process that requires a specialist that checks a person for weaknesses and strengths in their health. Sports physicals are a common variation on this type of treatment that focuses heavily on injuries that occur while playing sports. For example, elbow sprains may create a variety of different injuries that may not be obvious until a sports physical.

During this physical, the doctor can spot these issues and help to diagnose treatments that can give the tennis player a better chance of recovery. Strengthening exercises help to make the injured tendons more resistant to the wear-and-tear issues that can occur in daily life. And stabilizing the joint helps it to heal properly, which ensures that the ligaments and the rest of the elbow heal properly and can work the way that the tennis player wants.

By going through this type of careful and controlled sports physical, a tennis player provides their elbow with the kind of strength and flexibility that they need to recover from a sprain. Though the whole process may take several weeks or even months to properly manage, taking the time to do what is necessary is a critical step for any serious athlete. 

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